I'm an English integrated designer and art director and a creative, inquisitive and personable individual. The problem solving and inventive process of design is something I have always loved and had passion for. It came from an early age pouring over books of street art, record sleeves and skateboard graphics.
The challenge of a new brief always excites me and the journey from concept to final production is one I find immensely satisfying and rewarding. I relish the initial ideas process, the brand story building, honing and crafting of strategy and presentation to reach a tangible solution that looks great and is on point.
Having worked across a wide range of design, architectural, branding and advertising agencies over the past fifteen years I have acquired a solid but continually growing skill set in both graphic design and art direction. I’m articulate and can clearly communicate my vision and ideas to clients and other team members. I enjoy being part of and also managing teams, learning with and teaching others.
I enjoy working in high pressure and demanding environments and am able to ensure deliverable timelines and budget restraints are met without compromising design output and always delivering work to highest standard possible.
I’m available for freelance, contracts or full time positions and always seeking new clients to work and create with. Please do get in touch if you have a job or new position in mind.

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