I'm an English Senior Creative currently living and working in New York City.

The inventive process of design is something I have always loved and had passion for. It came at an early age pouring over books of Martha Cooper's photography of street art, the record sleeves that Julien House produced and Jim Phillip's mind-blowing skateboard graphics.

My favourite part is always the ideas, the start. The challenge always excites me. Then after the original concept I find it immensely satisfying to build the story, hone and craft the content and be able to present something that is well received, wether it's being pitched or I'm producing final artworks.

Having worked across a wide range of design, architectural, branding and advertising agencies over the past fifteen years I have acquired a solid but continually growing skill set. I’m articulate and can clearly communicate my vision and ideas to clients and other team members. I enjoy being part of and also managing teams, learning with and teaching others.

I'm comfortable working in high pressure and demanding environments and am able to ensure timelines and budgets are met without compromising quality and always endeavour to deliver work to highest standard.

I’m available for freelance, contracts or full time positions and always seeking new clients to work and create with. Please get in touch if you have a job or new position in mind.

Freelance clients include:

Addison Group.  Exposure.  Dior.  Havas Worldwide.  Pottermore.  MTV.  Liberty of London. The Greater London Council.  Vogue Japan.  Live Nation.  SABMiller.  Mattel.  Ministry of Sound.  Swarovski.  TBWA.


Chad is a joy to work with. Better still, he is a joy to be with. Delivering on the brief, or, as is often the case, writing the brief is a table stake with him. It also doesn’t really matter what kind of project either - from generating conceptual ideas to kerning copy across different media channels. He has a renaissance appetite and knowledge of art and design, which means you can point him at pretty much anything and get a considered and well thought through response. This is why studios love him and he is always busy. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Peter Chodel. Executive Creative Director. Addison Group London

We've been lucky to have had Chad work with us a few times over the past couple of years, and everytime he's been here it's been an absolute pleasure.

His work has always been on-brief and on-time, but most impotantly it's always been excellent. This is someone that loves his craft, he is as well-read as he is travelled and this is reflected in the quality of his output - thought provoking, intelligent and always well executed, not an easy combination to find.

To complement this, Chad is a joy to have around. He's slotted into the team effortlessly each time and his sense of humour, his humilty and his (very) broad range of interests have carried us through some tough deadlines.

I know it's part of the 'freelance life' but it's always a shame when Chad leaves us. I'd employ him tomorrow, but his constant drive for new challenges is what makes Chad, Chad - and I'd never want to change that.

Andy Warriner. Creative Director. TBWA.

Super versatile designer. A brilliant creative that can work easily between design disciplines notably 3D, where his contributions have made the project sing.

David Card. Creative Director. Future Brand.
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